?VRE Systemsÿ??Food GradeÿDrying Tray

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SKU: HGC728759

These drying trays from VRE are made in the USA from food-grade polypropylene. Each features a tightly woven mesh base that allows for excellent airflow to your harvest during curing, promoting product retention. VRE trays are easily washed and sanitized to help ward off contamination or other issues. Heat-resistant, these drying trays can withstand temperatures up to 363ø F (161ø C). Sold in boxes of 10, these trays fit all versions of the DryMax 30 drying system. When used with a DryMax drying rack, these trays hold up to 3 pounds of wet product each and can be spaced 6 inches apart for optimal airflow. Sold in quantity of 10 only.

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