Tom?s Tumbler TTT 2200 Commercial System ? Trimmer/Pollen Extractor/Dry Sifter (2 Boxes)

$2,799.00 $2,424.50
SKU: HGC800272

The TTT 2200 Commercial System includes three interchangeable meshes: 1/2 in hole mesh for trimming, 1/4 in hole mesh for separating small flowers from your trim and a 151 micron pollen screen to isolate pollen size particles from final trim. This makes it a three-in-one machine. Excellent for processing 2?4 lbs per 3?5 min cycle?up to 48 lbs per hour. The TTT 2200 Commercial System has a powder-coated steel frame and retractable dust cover. The heavy-duty/high-torque 12 V DC motor offers manual speed control for gentle processing. Drums and axle are food-grade aluminum. Funnel flow bag and retractable dust cover are clear vinyl for ease of viewing trimming progress. Meshes are machine washable. Lubricate zippers as needed.

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