Super Sprouter 4 ft Propagation Stand w/ 4ft 2 lamp T5 120 Volt Fluorescent Fixture

$106.95 $84.95
SKU: HGC960399

The Super Sprouter? Propagation Stand with 2 ft or 4 ft 2 Light 120 Volt T5 Fixture is ideal for propagation and early plant growth. Optimum mounting height of 3-6 in distance from the plant has never been easier with a single pulley system. Durable steel construction features high-quality steel hinges. The quick collapsible stand is great for starting your seeds or cuttings as well as a supplemental light for houseplants or flowers. The 2 ft stand comes with a 2 ft 2 lamp T5 fluorescent fixture and the 4 ft stand comes with a 4 ft 2 lamp T5 fluorescent fixture. The white powder-coated steel housing will last for many seasons. The T5 fluorescent fixture features an on/off switch, 120 volt receptacle (allowing additional fixtures to be daisy chained on a single circuit) and 6 ft 120 volt power cord. Actual dimensions for 2 ft stand are 32 in long x 39 in tall x 19 in wide and 4 ft stand are 54 in long x 39 in tall x 19 in wide.

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