SKU: HGC904530

Super Spreaders? combine common sense and innovation with advancements in reflective surface technology to produce a truly super light spreader! The new design is attractive, lightweight and easy to install. The spreader heads are made from 95% reflective glass-coated aluminum with a prismatic micro-textured surface. This incredible alloy is super cool, very reflective and creates even light distribution. The prismatic surface reflects and redirects light in a selective 4-way pattern for incredible results! All horizontal reflectors create a hot spot that is brighter directly beneath the lamp. The Super Spreader? spreads the excess light and heat proportionally to all areas of the grow room (especially the corners and edges, which are often underlit). This creates even light and more harmonious growing conditions throughout the entire grow room. NOTE: By attaching the Super Spreader? accessory, the Adjust-A-Wings performance may be enhanced significantly. Adjust-A-Wings fitted with Super Spreader? can be lowered to an unprecedented 10 in - 12 in from growing plants to produce awesome growing power while maintaining maximum area coverage and minimum heat build up. Yield increases of up to 50% are not uncommon with proper use of this truly outstanding product.

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