Sun System Pro Sun DE 1000 Watt 480 Volt Etelligent Compatible w/ European 2100 mol DE Lamp

$473.00 $383.48
SKU: HGC906308

Sun System? Pro Sun DE 1000 Watt Commercial Fixtures combine with Sun System? 1 reliability and Etelligent controllability. This commercial greenhouse fixture is designed and assembled with premium components and superior construction for the professional horticultural enthusiast. Advanced 105 kHz microprocessor is designed specifically to drive DE lamps at sustained peak performance. The Pro Sun DE 1000 Watt has dimmable/selectable wattage, turbo and built-in green LED lights for easily identified self-diagnostic performance codes. Low current, staggered ignition delay feature eliminates circuit inrush overload and protects lamp for increased lumen maintenance. Our optic is engineered for high performance based on proven, patented designs. 95% reflective textured PVD aluminum delivers excellent uniformity, output and diffusion. Improved spectrum DE lamps used in this fixture focus on the red component for increased photosynthetic response. Includes Philips 2,100 æmol/s lamp. Comes with Convertible Smart Volt? Dual Ferrite Power Cord 120-240 volt 6.5 ft with 120 and 240 volt plugs. 277 volt fixture includes a hard-wired 8 ft 277 volt power cord with a L7-15p 277 volt twist lock plug. 480 volt fixture includes a hard-wired 8 ft power cord with a L8-20p 480 volt twist lock plug. 277-347 volt fixture includes 8 ft cord with a L24-20P 347 volt twist lock plug. Eye bolts and 16 ft patch cord included.

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