Snoop's Premium Nutrients Grow B Coco 1 Liter (12/Cs)

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SKU: HGC705466

Our coco nutrients have been formulated so that you achieve premium results from your coco substrate. The recipe is tailor made taking into consideration the elements already present in the background EC of the coco due to the buffering process coco goes through. Most coco buffering uses potassium nitrate. To correct this, potassium is reduced and calcium is increased in the recipe. When using our circulating nutrients, your waste water usage is significantly reduced. The coco nutrients is made, taking into consideration the fact the nutrients pass through the root zone multiple times. When nutrients pass through the root zone, the cation NH4+ always take first, which depletes each time the feed water recirculates. Our circulating recipe has elevated levels of the NH4+ to solve this problem.

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