Netafim Self Piercing Pressure Compensating Emitters w/ Internal Check Valve - 2.0 GPH (Red) (25/Cs) [SPCV20-25]

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SKU: HGC747745

The Netafim Self Piercing Emitters have a sharp barb, making them easy to install, no tools required. These emitters have a 1.74 PSI internal check valve that helps prevent low emitter drainage holding back up to a 3.9 ft column of water. The anti-siphon operation prevents contaminants from being drawn into the emitter. The Self Piercing Emitters are pressure compensating and deliver the same flow from 10.15 to 58 PSI. Exclusive TurboNet® flow path design regulates flow and provides continuous self-cleaning action during operation. Recommended minimum filtration of 120 mesh.

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