Nanolux Ballast RTU NCCS Wireless Data Transfer Communication Device

$15.30 $13.50

The RTU is the data transfer communication device that is installed on the Nanolux Ballasts which allows them to communicate with the DTU. They receive information from the DTU communicating when to dim and turn on and off. They also send data back to the DTU on the status of the ballast.

This is the updated Nanolux Digital Ballast with wireless capability to use with the Nanolux Cloud Control System. The Nanalux cloud control system was designed and engineered to provide a complete solution for the control of the lighting and environmental controls of a grow room. The NCCS system allows for precision control of all devices in a grow room through its simple and intuitive computer software program. NCCS DTU (brain) and RTU (USB data transfer) sold separately.

  • Input Voltage DC: 3.3V-6V
  • Measurement : 24mm * 71mm * 24mm
  • Weight:  11.0g
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