Ideal-Air ReFlex Line Set 3/4 in X 1/2 in X 23 ft Insulated w/ Interconnecting Wire (6/Cs)

$809.50 $467.75
SKU: HGC700583

Ideal-Air is proud to offer the first ceiling hung heating and cooling air conditioning system designed expressly for indoor gardening. This inverter compressor outdoor unit features a split heat pump system that heats and cools. It is matched to a commercial-grade indoor ceiling mounted head with an industrial shaft driven motor. The Ideal-Air Mega-Split system delivers effective indoor cooling when outdoor temperatures range from 116°F to -13°F. This system also includes an internal condensate drain pan. The permanent indoor air filter never needs replacing and is easily accessed for quick clean up. Installation requires a certified HVAC technician. This kit includes the touch screen thermostat wall display and 32 ft wire harness to interface with the indoor and outdoor unit. A 35 amp breaker is needed for the 4-ton (#700498) and a 40 amp breaker for the 5-ton (#700499). 4 ton and 5 ton use the same size lines. Refrigerant line sets are offered separately and should be installed by a qualified HVAC technician. 5 year compressor warranty.

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