Hortilux LU1000 MH/HTL/EN Super Blue Dual Arc (6/Cs)

$259.95 $184.79
SKU: HGC902855

The Eye Super Blue lamp features the extraordinary power of Super HPS and the balanced spectrum of Hortilux Blue in one bulb! The benefits of metal halide and high pressure sodium together: vigorous growth, accelerated development and hearty flowering! The lamp?s unmatched energy spectrum provides the optimum light for plant growth through the entire growth cycle. Exclusive Iwasaki chemistry and global lighting technology combine to deliver 110,000 initial lumens. The LU1000MH/HTL/EN lamp is in a E25 jacket, which will conveniently fit in all 1000 watt fixtures. This lamp operates on standard ANSI S52 ballast, for use on 1000 watt high pressure sodium systems.

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