Grow More Mendocino Plant Starter (10-52-10) 25 lb

$68.75 $53.97
SKU: HGC721578

Grow More's Mendocino Producer's Choice line of fertilizers are the most advanced powders we've ever created. They are 100% water-soluble formulas containing a properly balanced mixture of all essential plant nutrients with quality-enhancing elements: calcium, magnesium, DTPA/EDDHA iron, carbohydrates, amino acids and no artificial dyes or colorings. This Mendocino line provides highly efficient performance nutrients as a standalone base nutrient or as a vegetative and bloom stimulant. For use in soilless, hydroponic, organic soils and coco coir systems. High phosphate in the plant usable form is ideal for deficiency correction or as a young plant starter. No chlorides. Recommended for use on vegetables.

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