CenturionPro Silver Bullet - Wet (3/Plt)

$9,495.00 $7,995.00
SKU: HGC800207

Similar to the CenturionPro? Original, the CenturionPro? Silver Bullet does the work of over 20 human laborers without sacrificing quality! This machine works with both wet and dry flowers and will harvest 8?12 lbs dry (40?60 lbs wet) per hour of use. The most distinctive features of the CenturionPro? Silver Bullet are that it comes equipped with a silencer that reduces the noise of the trimmer by 30% and it also includes a built-in marine-grade infinity Bluetooth stereo. The Silver Bullet also comes with high-quality handles for ease of transportation and a 3 HP leaf collector system with 2750 CFM of suction power. A high-quality tool kit is provided with the purchase of the CenturionPro? Silver Bullet.

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