Bigdena (F1) Tomato Seed - (15 Seeds / pack)

SKU: JSS-3181-Tomato

High yields of large, flavorful fruit.

Vigorous, open plants produce very high yields of uniform, 8-12 oz., red fruits that are mostly smooth with slight shoulder ribs. Very good flavor with nice internal color and quality. High resistance to Fusarium wilt races 1, 2, Fusarium crown and root rot, leaf mold, tobacco mosaic virus, tomato mosaic virus, and Verticillium wilt. Indeterminate. Avg. 9,800 seeds/oz. Packet: 15 seeds.
SCIENTIFIC NAME:Solanum lycopersicum

CULTURE:Sow seeds 1/4" deep in desired medium 6–8 weeks prior to transplanting. Maintain 80–90°F (27-32°C) soil temperature. When first true leaves just show, transplant into cell-type containers or blocks. 2" or larger containers produce larger, stronger root systems; 4" blocks are the standard. Grow plants at 66-68°F (19–20°C) day and night temperature. After cotyledons (first leaves) have expanded, fertilize with a complete nutrient solution (EC 1.0, pH 5.8) or equivalent as needed to keep plants dark green and healthy; increase EC as plants grow. When transplanting into the greenhouse, maintain 73–77°F (23–25°C) day and night temperature for a few days after transplanting to promote rapid vegetative growth and root establishment. Once fruit begins to set, lower night temperature to 62–66°F (17–19°C) and keep a daytime temperature of 68–72°F (20–22°C).

TRELLISING:We recommend pruning the plants to 1–2 stems and trellising them up a string.

HARVEST:Fully vine-ripen fruit only for local retailing or personal use. Pick fruit less ripe the further the distance and the longer the time between harvest and the consumer.

DISEASES AND PESTS:Use crop rotation or new media to reduce soilborne disease problems. Schedule regular release of beneficial insects to control pests.

DAYS TO MATURITY:From transplanting.
Transplants:Avg. 950 plants/1,000 seeds.
SEED SPECS:Seeds/oz.: Avg. 11,100.
PACKET:15 seeds.
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