SKU: 744238

LighterBro® Pro Multi-Tool is constructed of 100% hardened 400 series stainless steel. Standard 1/4 in drive socket accepts any 1/4 in bit to turn any type of screw. LighterBro® Pro securely holds a 1/4 in #3 Phillips screwdriver bit at the bottom of the sleeve. Locking #3 Phillips bit is included with LighterBro® Pro. 5/16 and 3/16 in sockets are also included for convenience. A shackle key or wing nut wrench is conveniently located on the side of the LighterBro® Pro. Two nut grabber wrenches located on the side of the LighterBro® Pro securely grip any size nut or bolt that fits in its jaws, be it standard, metric or even badly stripped. One nut grabber loosens and one tightens.

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