Sun System Par Pro Commercial Reflector w/ Hyper Arc Lamp (72/Plt)

$254.93 $168.76
SKU: HGC904778

Sun System? Par Pro? Commercial Reflector is optically engineered for the high performance Par Pro? 1100 watt Hyper Arc? High Pressure Sodium lamp. Fabricated, assembled and designed in the USA. Open reflector design allows light to get closer to the plant canopy. Vented side louvers allow for heat dissipation of the lamp while still maintaining optimal operating temperature. Uniform light pattern is ideal for both crossover, supplemental and primary lighting applications. The small footprint reduces shadowing in open greenhouse/supplemental lighting applications. Designed specifically for the Par Pro? 1100 watt Hyper Arc? High Pressure Sodium lamp (lamp included) to provide optimal efficiency and uniformity in your commercial environment. The Hyper Arc? lamp delivers a staggering 2,380 æmol on the Sun System? 1 DE 1000 watt turbo setting! These lamps have the ideal 2000ø K temperature for fruiting and flowering and also can be used from start to finish. 95% reflective textured German aluminum interior offers unsurpassed uniformity, output and diffusion. Galvanized steel housing with durable powder-coated finish. Detachable 15 ft lamp cord at the reflector and at ballast. 1 year warranty on lamp.

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